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Summer Hair Do's and Don'ts

Summer is the best time to go swimming, sit by the pool, and spend lots of time out in the sun. But are you taking good care of your hair during the summer season? Check out these do's and don'ts for summer hair care:

-DO get a trim every 8-10 weeks to refresh hair and remove split ends

-DO use hair mask or syrum to keep your hair hydrated and soft

-DO use sulfate-free shampoo, color protectant shampoo, and sodium-free shampoo for best results

-DO use clarifying shampoo once a week after swimming in the pool or ocean to make sure your hair is free of chlorine, sodium, and other harmful chemicals


-DON'T forget to moisturize your tips when moisturizing your hair. Your tips are often forgotten!

-DON'T forget to apply natural oils (such as coconut oil) to your hair before going out in the sun to protect from sunlight and dryness

-DON'T apply these oils to the scalp as it may get greasy- apply it 3 inches from the scalp and to the tips

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